Corporate Clients:
"I have been using Torreblanca Language Consulting for only 2 months and have already been able to see the benefits during my first trip to South America. The well designed and step by step approach allows to learn quickly and to build up on the knowledge previously acquired. Cesar is a wonderful teacher that tailors his lessons to your needs and skills. He's enthusiastic and competent. He's great knowledge of South America habits is also a tremendous source of learning.
I recommend trying his classes as they are extremely enjoyable, professional and efficient."
Francois - Mississauga, Ontario
"César is an excellent teacher who patiently teaches the basics of Spanish in a manner which is understood and suited to each individual. I am extremely pleased with my progression, which will allow me to interact with my business counterparts in Latin America. Thank you César!"
Peter Pittner ~ Scotiabank, Toronto - Ontario
"Language learning doesn't get much better or more fun than with Cesar. Lessons are crafted from experience with how people learn, with intuitive changes made to suit the student's needs and style. Confidence building is the art of teaching, and Cesar reflects this in every lesson. I can't imagine a better experience."
Jean-Paul Rehr, Founder and CEO of Kanu Inc. - Toronto, Ontario
"I have taken Spanish classes elsewhere and none comes close to Cesar's teaching style. He makes you feel comfortable and offers a relaxed environment to learn... you don't feel intimidated to make mistakes and actually have fun. His enthusiasm and love for the language ensures a great learning experience.. I highly recommend Cesar..."
M. A. - Toronto, Ontario (Banking Industry).
Private Individuals:
"I decided to learn Spanish for travel, exploring other cultures and to boost my memory. I found TLC online while searching for a Spanish instructor, who was experienced and available for at-home lessons. Contacting TLC was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Cesar works with his students through Spanish conversation and his very own lesson book. He encourages his students, works with them at their own pace and praises them when they get it right. He is reliable, personable and a fantastic instructor."
Sue Lamb - Oakville, Ontario.
"Over the years, I have tried to improve my Spanish so many times.... group classes, private classes, do-it-yourself with videos, software programs, web sites, and magazines. While all of these gave me a little bit of improvement and kept my interest in someday becoming fluent, it has only been since I started working with Cesar that I finally feel like I might get there someday! I recently went to Guatemala on a trip full of story-telling by local Guatemalans. I was delighted to find that I was able to follow the conversations and stories at least as well as our English-speaking interpreters (and sometimes better!) as well as have meaningful conversations with those same people, sellers in the markets, translate for other English-speakers, etc. I was complimented on my accent (or, even better, lack of one!) and consistently rewarded with comments on how good my Spanish was. Cesar pushes me to do my best, encourages me to bring material to classes relevant to how I want to use Spanish, and makes sure I don't develop bad habits or sound just plain silly. Unlike group teachers, he makes sure I actually talk for most of the lesson and targets exactly what I need when I need it. I would never go the group route again and among the individual instructors I have had, Cesar is by far the best. (And he's fun!)."
Dr. K. S. - Toronto, Ontario
"I can't recommend Cesar's tutorials enough! When I began studying Spanish, Cesar Torreblanca's simple set of lessons introduced me quickly to key concepts and terms, and then kept perfect pace with my development as we progressed. All along Cesar's personalized approach and thoughtful guidance and support helped me advance quickly, and I soon began using Spanish in my work and amongst friends. I look forward to lessons not only for the interest and the challenge of learning, but also for the fun, humorous and broad-ranging discussions."
Kevin T. - Toronto, Ontario
"My wife and I spend three months of each winter in Marbella, Spain and also visit Mexico. I decided our experience would be greatly enhanced if I could speak Spanish. Cesar was an excellent teacher,pushing you to speak Spanish as much as possible in addition to teaching the vocabulary and grammar. My wife also took lessons and so did my daughter who is an immigration lawyer in Palo Alto. Cesar made learning Spanish enjoyable and we would still be with him if we had not moved to Vancouver."
Colin B. - Vancouver, BC
"I have always had a love of languages, but the encouragement to speak in a relaxed, fun setting made possible by an enthusiastic teacher pushed me and my ability in Spanish further than I would otherwise have gone. Thank you, Cesar, for your patience and warmth as a teacher. It was all worthwhile."
Pauline B. - Vancouver, BC
"I had studied Spanish off and on for several years, but didn't seem to be making much progress in comprehension. Thanks to Cesar's down-to-earth, fun approach to language, my comprehension has improved immensely. Learning is a lot easier when you're having fun doing it, and Cesar makes sure of that."
Chris Z. - Mississauga, Ontario
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