The following table has items that will help you improve your Spanish pronunciation and vocabulary. Feel free to download and distribute any of the files below. Audio files are in MP3 format.
The Spanish Sounds:
Most of the audio files will help you achieve a great Spanish pronunciation...! They list many words using all letters in the Spanish alphabet. Also, a file to practice 'numbers' and a short narrative. Listen to the Intro so that you have an idea of what these files are about. They are very helpful to develop audio skills and to increase vocabulary.
The file named 'Palabras(MS-WORD)' lists all words and letters within the .MP3 files, in both, English and Spanish. It is advisable to download it and print it before you listen to the audio files.
Click on any of the cells on the table below. Download the corresponding file and enjoy it! Any comments would be greatly appreciated...!
Spanish & English Instruction

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