Based on the fact that voice-over rates vary greatly according to several factors, it is difficult to provide an accurate fee without having all pertinent details about the job itself.
Some of the factors mentioned above are:
•  In which media the audio will be heard (radio, TV, etc.).
•  The range of audience (regional, national...).
•  The length of the recording, usually in minutes.
•  The complexity of the script: highly technical or a simple narrative.
•  The amount of work expected by the client: only recording or from
   the creation of the script, recording and, finally, audio editing.
Please, call us to talk about your voice-over requirements and we will be happy and able to present you with a formal quote.
T.L.C. provides our clients with the following services:
Scripting: Tell us what your objective is and we will help you create a script that will read easily and convey your message to the audience. We can also proof-read your already existing script.
Recording: We will record the actual audio at our facilities.
Sound Editing: We have the expertise to edit out imperfections and noise from the sound
and to enhance it until you are totally satisfied.
Delivery: Whether you are our next door neighbour or live on the other side of the world,
we will make arrangements for you to receive the finished product.
It will be an audio file in one of these formats: .mp3, .wav, .aiff, or Ogg Vorbis.
Voice actors: At the present time, we have male Spanish and female English voices.
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