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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The world of language learning is changing.

Between my husband and I we have almost 30 years of experience teaching languages. He teaches Spanish and I have taught English as a second language.

We know people are tired of the traditional learning methods. People are looking for something different; people want more resources they can use on their own.

People want to learn Spanish while they are driving, they want to practice Spanish while they are doing the dishes, or working out at the gym and they want to learn Spanish fast!

Whether or not you can learn Spanish "rapido" is a subject for the next article so tune in if you are interested!

We recently put our heads together and decided it was time to change our business model. You see, apart from teaching we have both been doing recordings for other language companies that focus on creating audio books for learning Spanish and English.  It occurred to us that we should be doing this for ourselves. We both have a home studio and now we are busy working behind the scenes to get things going.

However, these resources will focus on Spanish because while I have taught English for many years I have decided to take a break and change my focus so that I can work with my husband and market Spanish resources for online learning.  My husband will teach Spanish for as long as he has a voice. Spanish and all things Spanish are his passion.

I have a degree in linguistics and I am interested in the theories around language learning; specifically how adults acquire language. I am digging in to some old university textbooks as well as some new ones so we can offer resources that are effective, interesting, dynamic and current.  I am also diving headfirst into online marketing... So exciting!

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We would love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on learning a language? What resources would you love to see here?

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