Focused Language Training
Focused Language Training prepares participants to:
  • Actively and spontaneously communicate in meetings and conference calls
  • Confidently deliver presentations in English or Spanish and facilitate workshops
  • Handle negotiations in English or Spanish
  • Build Rapport - working on the nuances of the English or Spanish language making communication more fluent in social situations such as client dinners and sales calls
  • Establish written communication - developing a personal style and understanding of formal vs. informal e-mails, memos etc.
How is the training offered?
The training is offered as per this workframe:
Coaching Sessions: These are half-hour or one-hour sessions geared towards participants who are in need of a quick and direct-to-the-point review or rehearsal of an upcoming presentation or meeting. Their control of English is adequate but they may want to enhance it.
Extended Program: The number of hours is at the discretion of the participant but a 4-hour minimum is strongly recommended. Participants who would benefit from a program are those who require more training in terms of grammar, vocabulary enhancement, and basic sentence structure.
If you would like to set up an appointment in person to discuss how this service will benefit your business, please call us.

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