My name is Cesar E. Torreblanca. I was born in Lima, Peru, and came to Canada some 40 years ago. Teaching Spanish has always been my passion. This is why I founded T.L.C. I love Spanish and feel much pride in speaking it properly. This pride is extended and enhanced by my ability to teach it.
What sets our courses apart from anyone else's...?
We will prepare for you an experience that focuses on learning within a relaxed and casual pace and environment. You will have control of the pace of your learning journey. Scheduling flexibility is also taken into account, especially in corporate training, where time constraints are common.
T.L.C. does not try to dazzle participants with sophisticated terminology or fancy technology. Our aim is one: To teach you how to speak proper Spanish!
Where do the classes take place?
Until we believe to be safe to have face-to-face sessions, all session are online via Zoom.
Once the COVID19 pandemic is over, private sessions (whether private or corporate) take place in a location chosen by the participant. We travel within the St. Catharines area. We charge a small fee for areas outside our regular territory.

Spanish Instruction

Spanish Instruction by TLC
Spanish Instruction by TLC
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