Books by Torreblanca Language Consulting: Created for all levels of Spanish Students:  Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.
(1) Word Puzzles: Four workbooks to increase and enhance your Vocabulary, four other volumes to help you practice Verb Conjugations, and one MegaBook with different types of word puzzles.
(2) Exercise Workbooks filled with practice exercises covering all levels of profficiency. Vol. 1 for Beginners, Vol. 2 for Intermediate, and one for All Levels 
(3) Journals to keep your learning notes organized and in one spot. One, the 'Compact Edition' is small and ready to be taken anywhere! The 'Expanded Edition' is larger in size and content. Both are unbelievably useful!
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(4) Phrasebook One of the lastest resources created
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This is a Spanish Phrasebook with only useful phrases! Small in size but big in value. There are many phrasebooks out there but, unfortunately, they offer "quantity and NOT quality".
No longer will you have a need to sift through many pages looking for the phrase you want!
Also available:
  • The audiobook version. The perfect complement to this book. You will be able to clearly hear each and every phrase within the book in both, English and Spanish.
  • The e-book format. Great if you like the electronic format...