My name is Cesar E. Torreblanca. I was born in Lima, Peru,
and came to Canada some 40 years ago. Teaching Spanish
has always been my passion. This is why I founded T.L.C. I
love Spanish and feel much pride in speaking it properly.
This pride is extended and enhanced by my ability to teach it.

What sets our courses apart from anyone else's...?

We focus on flexibility and on setting a relaxed and casual pace and environment.
These items have proven to be of extreme importance in the learning process. The
flexibility is important, especially in corporate training, where time constraints are

Another popular service is Conversation Coaching. It is designed for individuals who
already speak Spanish but wish to practice and improve their conversational and
pronunciation skills. They are casual, one-on-one sessions (live or on-line), in which
the person gets to express him/herself in Spanish. Grammatical elements are
explained if necessary.

Where do the classes take place? Private sessions take place in a location chosen by
the participant. We travel within Mississauga, the West side of the GTA (South of
Hwy. 401 & West of High Park) and the East end of Oakville. We charge a small fee
for areas outside our regular territory.

Corporate sessions take place at the businesses' facilities.
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